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The French Evaluation Society

The French Evaluation Society (SFE) was created in 1999 with an aim to develop the practice and use of evaluation. It contributes to the progress of methods, ethical principles, and quality standards.

It gathers evaluation commissioners, practitioners, academics, and users from all policy areas and from both public and private sectors. Each of its conferences is attended by 500 to 700 persons and gives birth to an edited book. In addition, the society publishes a series of research papers.

In 2008, the SFE held its conference in Strasbourg in cooperation with DeGEval on "Policy and Programme Evaluation in Europe: Cultures and Prospects". Also in 2008, the SFE contributed to creation of the Network of Evaluation Societies of Europe (NESE), a working group supported by the European Evaluation Society.

The SFE has nine regional clubs, each one holding up to ten meetings per year.

A number of thematic working groups are also alive:

- Actors, practices and professions
- Ethics and quality standards
- Competency standards for evaluation training
- Network of evaluation researchers
- Participatory evaluation
- Policy and programme evaluation and the EU
- Evaluation and development aid
- Evaluation and Welfare Utility
- Evaluation of regional / local development policies
- Evaluation and sustainable development
- Evaluation of health and social establishments
- Evaluation and health policies
- Evaluation and culture policies